How do you Move in a Field?

Once a field is displayed (see the section: How to define a field), you can move the centre of the field by using the directional keys. For example, to see what is to the left of the field, just hit the left arrow key. The field will be shifted in this direction by a fraction of the current field width. The amount of displacement can be adjusted by using the field translation factor in the Field tab of the Options dialogue box.

Simultaneously pressing the CTRL key while using the direction keys applies a factor of 0.1 to the displacements. Similarly, pressing SHIFT applies a factor of 0.5, and ALT a factor of 2. Finally, pressing CTRL+SHIFT when using the arrow keys applies a factor of 0.01 to the displacements. Combining these keys with the direction keys lets you speed up or slow down the rate of displacement in the map.

To change the level of zoom in the in the current field, use the commands Zoom in and Zoom out in the Edit menu. You can also use the Zoom in and Zoom out buttons in the main toolbar, use the F3 and F4 keyboard shortcuts or directly zoom in or zoom out in the map using the mouse left button (with the Ctrl key to zoom out).

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