Displaying Images from the BT-Atlas

This window allows you to display images associated with objects in the BT-Atlas.

You can display an image associated with an object in the BT-Atlas in two ways:

To get information about a command in this toolbar, click on it with the left mouse button in the image. Note that if you display images from the BT-Atlas in the GIF format (256 colours) this window interface would be highly simplified as it would not be possible to work with the dynamics of the image (as opposed to the PIC format).

Boxes (i.e. rectangular regions) may be superimposed on an image. They are useful when multiple objects are visible in the same image. To get information about an object enclosed in a box, just click on it with the left mouse button. A small information window is then displayed near the object. If you click outside the boxes general information about the image will be provided.

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