Object Information Window

When an object has been identified (by a "double-click" on the object or by using the contextual menu ), a window is displayed which shows several pieces of information about the object. To get information about a component of this window, left click on it in the image below:

This dialogue box has a second tab called "Large View". This tab displays a large view with the equatorial coordinates, hour angle and altazimuth coordinates of the identified object:

This dialogue box has a third tab labelled “Setting circles”. This tab allows you to use the telescope’s setting circles to point at the given object. The section How to use the setting circles function gives all the information needed to use this function.

Note that this dialogue box is not displayed if the information zone is displayed in the control panel of the main screen. In that case, information about identified objects is directly displayed in the information zone. It is always possible to display the separate information window by clicking the small button marked "I" next to the object type field in the control panel.

The control panel is displayed in the main window only if the Display control panel in the main window is checked in the windows options dialogue box (which you get to by clicking the Windows management button in the Misc tab of the Options dialogue box.) A specific option in this same dialogue box allows you to choose whether or not to display the object information area. A short cut is to use the corresponding button on the Tool Bar.

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