Sunrise and Sunset Times

This tool allows you to know for a given date the times of rising, transit, setting of the Sun as well as the times of the Astronomical Twilight (Sun at -18° below the horizon), Nautical Twilight (Sun at -12° below the horizon) and Civil Twilight (Sun at -6° below the horizon). Twilights are provided for both sunrise and sunset. The observation location used to calculate the times is the onde defined for the current map. If the location is changed, the times are automatically updated as soon as focus is brought back on the tool.

The date for which the different times are provided is saved by C2A. It can be modified by using the buttons "!" (current date), "M" (date of the current map) or by clicking the small calendar icon to pick an arbitrary date. The option Local Time alowws you to specify if you want to display the times in local time or Universal Time in the opposite case.

Caution! When an arbitrary date is chosen, it might happen that the summer time option is not correctly positioned since this is the setting of the current location which is used. In order to avoid this problem, it is advised to display times in UT.

Caution! The rising and setting times reported in this tool refer to the border of the Solar disk. This is different from the rising and setting times reported in the control panel (or information dialog box) or ephemeris tool which refer to the center of the solar disk.

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