Focussing tool

C2A has a tool to help with focusing. You can get to it through the Image processing window once a star has been selected by tracing a rectangle around it with the mouse then clicking on the focus button on the tool bar.

The focusing principle is very simple:

You can specify minimum and maximum values of FWHM that you wish to display on the curve so that you can see better when fine focusing. The “Auto” button lets you establish the limits automatically. When you want to stop focusing, just click the “stop” button or close the window.

In the example below, we have just read the image named "Image_0089.CR2" (it has a raw digital camera format) and are waiting for the next image "Image_0090.CR2". To get information about one of the components of the window, left-click on it in the image below:

All dynamic image formats can be used in focussing.

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