Observation Planning

C2A lets you plan your observations by finding objects meeting a number of criteria (see the How to plan observations with C2A section). These are the available types of criterion:

The screen shot below shows the observation planning tool. To use the tool, just choose the various options in these areas: Object Selection, Search zone, Position criteria, Magnitude, Size and Stars. Once the criteria have been chosen, just click on the calculate button (red tick) and the list of objects that match the criteria will be displayed.

You can then select an object in the list and centre the map on it by clicking the centering button (the one with the small cross) or by double-clicking the object in the list. You can also call for a telescope connected to the PC to slew to it by clicking the telescope button. The list of objects can be saved in a text file for future use or for printing.

To get details on one of the commands available in this window, left-click on it in the image below:

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