Ecliptic View

C2A has a tool which allows you to see the positions of planets, asteroids and comets at any time in an ecliptic view of their orbits. This tool is accessed with the command Ecliptic view in the Tools menu. SHIFT+Ctrl+F3 is a shortcut for this command.

Once the tool is displayed, you can vary as desired the angle of view of the planets, asteroids and comets by holding down the left mouse button while moving the mouse horizontally or vertically. You can access the third axis of rotation by pressing the SHIFT key whilst moving the mouse with the left button pressed. Note that you can also change the zoom level by using the mouse wheel (if you have previously activated the latter. You activate and deactivate the mouse wheel by checking the option “Use the mouse wheel to zoom and move” in the Misc tab of the Options dialogue box).

To get information about one of the components of this tool’s interface, left-click on it in the image below:

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