Here's a picture of some of my current binoculars, the only one missing is the 10x50 Bosh & Lomp binocular, will post this one later....


In order they are the smallest to tallest ...

  • Nikon Action Extreme 8x40
  • Oberwerk 15x70
  • Celestron SkyMaster 20x80



Here's a picture of my mount the Paragon-Plus from Orion, superb mount and works really well, very sturdy and light, can be setup very rapidly.  I don't have an official picture of the mount yet, apart you could always find it over at Orion website but i  will be posting one soon. Here is a little modification i done to it so i can fit the Celestron SkyMaster 20x80. I cut a little metal plate and drilled three holes in it, two for screws that holds the plates to the mount and and for the screw that tighten up the binocular to the mount and it works like a charm!





Here is a some pictures of my Paragon-Plus with the SkyMaster 20x80.