February 2008

Pátio 264 - Total Lunar Eclipse

Pátio (Leiria 39.75N 8.82W alt:60m)

There are times when to be patient pays off.
Throughout the eclipse, the moon has always been completely hidden behind the increasingly dark clouds, even rained during a quarter of an hour. A still very cloudy open offered the ephemeral 10 seconds that enabled to save the image below, which unfortunately will have to last for a few years. Naturally, there wasn't enough time to determine the scale of brightness of the eclipse, which according to some reports was very bright (between 3 and 4), much like the previous eclipse.
The next total lunar eclipse will take place on December 21, 2010, but with the full moon just a finger above the horizon. In practice only in September 28, 2015 will it be possible to observe in Continental Portugal a total lunar eclipse from the beginning to the end.

Moon at totality 03:46 UT
Moon at totality 03:46 UT
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Eclipse Times (Guide8):

Used equipment: Takahashi Sky90 ,a Nikon D70 on the top of a Takahashi P2Z .

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