Asteroid 9811

9811 Cavadore

Discovered 1998 Sept. 16 by the OCA-DLR Asteroid Survey at Caussols.
Cyril Cavadore (b. 1969) is a professional CCD specialist at the European Southern Observatory and astronomical software programmer. He was one of the writers of the computer package used by many French amateur astronomers to discover minor planets.

Its absolute magnitude, H is 15.8, so depending of its albedo, its size is between 1.8 km and 4.2 km diameter.

1998 ST = 1981 UA3 = 1991 RS18 = 1994 LP9 = 1997 GN33


The following images have been recorded at Pises Observatory, with 500mm f4.5 telescope. Scale is 1.6arc/pixel, the full field with many other asteroids (most of them are fainter).

Single exposure, Scale is 0.84arc/pixel, 9811 is Mag 18

Stack of multiple exposures : the asteroid has moved during the course of the exposure (24 min) Scale is 0.84arc/pixel

The next picture was taken on Feb 2000 when I just learned that the asteroid "09811" was named after my name (picture taken by F.Colas)