SN2001ba   in  ESO439-G018    ( 11hm38mn00.5ss  -3219'29" )

offset  15.8"E  21.8 "S    magnitude  15.9

Telescope  LX200  12"  f/d 2.7  ST7E   UAI173  Ste Clotilde  REUNION   ISLAND

discovery image

2001/04/27.78  unflated    binning 2x  60s

reference image

2001/02/19.96  unflated       limiting mag 18  binning 2x  60s

confirmation image 2001/04/28.69  mag 15.9   180s

referenced  image  DSS  UK Schmidt 1980/02/20    limiting mag 21


                                                  Circular No. 7614
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SUPERNOVA 2001ba IN MCG -05-28-1
     R. Chassagne, Ste. Clotilde, Ile de Reunion, reports the
discovery of an apparent supernova (mag about 15.9) on unfiltered
CCD images taken with a 0.3-m telescope on Apr. 27.8 and 28.7 UT.
SN 2001ba is located at R.A. = 11h38m01s.76, Decl. = -32o19'51".0
(equinox 2000.0), which is 18".7 east and 21".8 south of the
nucleus of MCG -05-28-1 (= ESO 439-G18).  An image of the same
field taken on Feb. 19.9 showed nothing at this position (limiting
mag about 18).
     P. Nugent and L. Wang, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory,
report:  "A spectrum (range 400-800 nm) obtained on Apr. 30.17 UT
at the Kitt Peak 2.1-m telescope (+ GCAM) shows that SN 2001ba is a
type-Ia supernova near maximum light.  Adopting the NASA/IPAC
Extragalactic Database recession velocity of 8819 km/s for the host,
we find that the minimum of the Si II feature is at a velocity of
10 900 km/s."

Dear SN watchers,

  New bright SNe are discovered.  IAUC 7614 reports three SN
discovery, and among them, the brightest one SN 2001bb can become
brighter than mag 16.

  M. Schwartz, on behalf of LOTOSS colllaboration (Mike and KAIT),
discovered SN 2001bb on Apr 29.3 (mag about 16.5) and confirmed one
day later when SN became mag 0.2 brighter.  The position is R.A. =
13h43m25s.31, Decl. = -29o48'13".1 (2000.0), which is about 16".8 west
and 1".4 south of the nucleus of the tilted spiral (SA(s)bc?) galaxy
IC 4319.  There are several foreground stars on the west side of this
galaxy, so the identification needs care.

  The expected maximum of the typical SN Ia on this galaxy is about
15.6, and it seems that SN 2001bb is in the rising phase.  The
follow-up photometry and type-determining spectroscopy is urged.

  The other two are also britht.  SN 2001ba in MCG -05-28-1 (SN
location: R.A. = 11h38m01s.76, Decl. = -32o19'51".0 (2000.0), offset
19"E 22"S) is discovered on Apr 27.8 at about mag 16, and is turned
out to be of SN Ia.  It seems to be at the maximum.  SN 2001az in UGC
10483 (SN position: R.A. = 16h34m27s.71, Decl. = +76o01'46".8
(2000.0), offset 5" due west) is discovered on Apr 27.39 at mag 17.1.
The recession velocity of the host galaxy is unknown. 

Sincerely Yours,
Hitoshi Yamaoka, Kyushu Univ., Japan