Abbot [5.6oN, 54.8oE]            Abel [34.6oS, 85.8oE]             Abenezra [21.0oS, 11.9oE]

Abetti [19.9oN, 27.7oE]             Abulfeda [13.8oS, 13.9oE]             Acosta [5.6oS, 60.1oE]

Adams [31.9oS, 68.2oE]            Agatharchides [19.8oS, 30.9oW]             Agrippa [4.1oN, 10.5oE]

Airy [18.1oS, 5.7oE]            Al-Bakri [14.3oN, 20.2oE]             Al-Biruni [17.9oN, 92.5oE]

Al-Marrakushi [10.4oS, 55.8oE]             Albategnius [11.2oS, 4.1oE]             Aldrin [1.4oN, 22.1oE]

Alexander [40.3oN, 13.5oE]             Alfraganus [5.4oS, 19.0oE]            Alhazen [15.9oN, 71.8oE]

Aliacensis [30.6oS, 5.2oE]             Almanon [16.8oS, 15.2oE]            Alpetragius [16.0oS, 4.5oW]

Alphonsus [13.4oS, 2.8oW]             Ameghino [3.3oN, 57.0oE]            Ammonius [8.5oS, 0.8oW]

Amontons [5.3oS, 46.8oE]             Amundsen [84.5oS, 82.8oE]            Anaxagoras [73.4oN, 10.1oW]

Anaximander [66.9oN, 51.3oW]             Anaximenes [72.5oN, 44.5oW]            Andersson [49.7oS, 95.3oW]

Andel [10.4oS, 12.4oE]             Ångström [29.9oN, 41.6oW]            Ansgarius [12.7oS, 79.7oE]

Anuchin [49.0oS, 101.3oE]             Anville [1.9oN, 49.5oE]            Apianus [26.9oS, 7.9oE]

Apollonius [4.5oN, 61.1oE]             Arago [6.2oN, 21.4oE]            Aratus [23.6oN, 4.5oE]

Archimedes [29.7oN, 4.0oW]             Archytas [58.7oN, 5.0oE]            Argelander [16.5oS, 5.8oE]

Ariadaeus [4.6oN, 17.3oE]             Aristarchus [23.7oN, 47.4oW]             Aristillus [33.9oN, 1.2oE]

Aristoteles [50.2oN, 17.4oE]             Armstrong [1.4oN, 25.0oE]            Arnold [66.8oN, 35.9oE]

Arrhenius [55.6oS, 91.3oW]             Artemis [25.0oN, 25.4oW]            Artsimovich [27.6oN, 36.6oW]

Aryabhata [6.2oN, 35.1oE]             Arzachel [18.2oS, 1.9oW]            Asada [7.3oN, 49.9oE]

Asclepi [55.1oS, 25.4oE]             Aston [32.9oN, 87.7oW]            Atlas [46.7oN, 44.4oE]

Atwood [5.8oS, 57.7oE]             Autolycus [30.7oN, 1.5oE]            Auwers [15.1oN, 17.2oE]

Auzout [10.3oN, 64.1oE]             Avery [1.4oS, 81.4oE]            Avicenna [39.7oN, 97.2oW]

Azophi [22.1oS, 12.7oE]

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