Baade [44.8oS, 81.8oW]             Babbage [59.5oN, 56.8oW]            Babcock [4.2oN, 93.9oE]

Back [1.1oN, 80.7oE]             Baco [51.0oS, 19.1oE]            Baillaud [74.6oN, 37.5oE]

Bailly [66.6oS, 69.4oW]             Baily [49.7oN, 30.4oE]            Balboa [19.1oN, 83.2oW]

Ball [35.9oS, 8.4oW]             Balmer [20.1oS, 70.6oE]            Banachiewicz [5.2oN, 80.1oE]

Bancroft [28.0oN, 6.4oW]             Banting [26.6oN, 16.4oE]            Barkla [10.7oS, 67.2oE]

Barnard [29.6oS, 86.4oE]             Barocius [44.9oS, 16.8oE]            Barrow [71.3oN, 7.7oE]

Bartels [24.5oN, 89.8oW]             Bayer [51.6oS, 35.0oW]            Beals [37.3oN, 86.5oE]

Beaumont [18.0oS, 28.8oE]             Beer [27.1oN, 9.1oW]            Behaim [16.5oS, 79.4oE]

Beketov [16.3oN, 29.2oE]             Bela [24.7oN, 2.3oE]            Belkovich [61.5oN, 90.0oE]

Bell [21.8oN, 96.4oW]             Bellot [12.4oS, 48.2oE]            Bernoulli [35.0oN, 60.7oE]

Berosus [33.5oN, 69.9oE]             Berzelius [36.6oN, 50.9oE]            Bessarion [14.9oN, 37.3oW]

Bessel [21.8oN, 17.9oE]             Bettinus [63.4oS, 44.8oW]            Bianchini [48.7oN, 34.3oW]

Biela [54.9oS, 51.3oE]             Bilharz [5.8oS, 56.3oE]            Billy [13.8oS, 50.1oW]

Biot [22.6oS, 51.1oE]             Birmingham [65.1oN, 10.5oW]            Birt [22.4oS, 8.5oW]

Black [9.2oS, 80.4oE]             Blagg [1.3oN, 1.5oE]            Blancanus [63.6oS, 21.5oW]

Blanchard [58.5oS, 94.4oW]             Blanchinus [25.4oS, 2.5oE]            Bobillier [19.6oN, 15.5oE]

Bode [6.7oN, 2.4oW]             Boethius [5.6oN, 72.3oE]            Boguslawsky [72.9oS, 43.2oE]

Bohnenberger [16.2oS, 40.0oE]             Bohr [12.8oN, 86.4oW]            Boltzmann [74.9oS, 90.7oW]

Bombelli [5.3oN, 56.2oE]             Bonpland [8.3oS, 17.4oW]             Boole [63.7oN, 87.4oW]

Borda [25.1oS, 46.6oE]             Borel [22.3oN, 26.4oE]            Born [6.0oS, 66.8oE]

Boscovich [9.8oN, 11.1oE]             Boss [45.8oN, 89.2oE]            Bouguer [52.3oN, 35.8oW]

Boussingault [70.4oS, 54.7oE]             Bowen [17.6oN, 9.1oE]            Brackett [17.9oN, 23.6oE]

Bragg [42.5oN, 102.9oW]             Brayley [20.9oN, 36.9oW]            Breislak [48.2oS, 18.3oE]

Brenner [39.0oS, 39.3oE]             Brewster [23.3oN, 34.7oE]            Brianchon [74.8oN, 86.5oW]

Briggs [26.5oN, 69.1oW]             Brisbane [49.1oS, 68.5oE]            Brown [46.4oS, 17.9oW]

Bruce [1.1oN, 0.4oE]             Brunner [9.9oS, 90.9oE]            Buch [38.8oS, 17.7oE]

Bullialdus [20.7oS, 22.2oW]             Bunsen [41.4oN, 85.3oW]            Burckhardt [31.1oN, 56.5oE]

Burnham [13.9oS, 7.3oE]             Bürg [45.0oN, 28.2oE]            Büsching [38.0oS, 20.0oE]

Byrd [85.3oN, 9.8oE]             Byrgius [24.7oS, 65.3oW]

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