C. Herschel [34.5oN, 31.2oW]             C. Mayer [63.2oN, 17.3oE]            Cabeus [84.9oS, 35.5oW]

Cajal [12.6oN, 31.1oE]             Calippus [38.9oN, 10.7oE]            Cameron [6.2oN, 45.9oE]

Campanus [28.0oS, 27.8oW]             Cannizzaro [55.6oN, 99.6oW]            Cannon [19.9oN, 81.4oE]

Capella [7.6oS, 34.9oE]             Capuanus [34.1oS, 26.7oW]            Cardanus [13.2oN, 72.4oW]

Carlini [33.7oN, 24.1oW]             Carmichael [19.6oN, 40.4oE]            Carpenter [69.4oN, 50.9oW]

Carrel [10.7oN, 26.7oE]             Carrillo [2.2oS, 80.9oE]            Carrington [44.0oN, 62.1oE]

Cartan [4.2oN, 59.3oE]             Casatus [72.6oS, 30.5oW]            Cassini [40.2oN, 4.6oE]

Catalán [45.7oS, 87.3oW]             Catharina [18.0oS, 23.6oE]            Cauchy [9.6oN, 38.6oE]

Cavalerius [5.1oN, 66.8oW]             Cavendish [24.5oS, 53.7oW]            Caventou [29.8oN, 29.4oW]

Cayley [4.0oN, 15.1oE]             Celsius [34.1oS, 20.1oE]            Censorinus [0.4oS, 32.7oE]

Cepheus [40.8oN, 45.8oE]             Chacornac [29.8oN, 31.7oE]            Chadwick [52.7oS, 101.3oW]

Challis [79.5oN, 9.2oE]             Chamberlin [58.9oS, 95.7oE]            Chapman [50.4oN, 100.7oW]

Chevallier [44.9oN, 51.2oE]             Chladni [4.0oN, 1.1oE]            Ching-te [20.0oN, 30.0oE]

Cichus [33.3oS, 21.1oW]             Clairaut [47.7oS, 13.9oE]            Clausius [36.9oS, 43.8oW]

Clavius [58.4oS, 14.4oW]             Cleomedes [27.7oN, 55.5oE]            Cleostratus [60.4oN, 77.0oW]

Clerke [21.7oN, 29.8oE]             Collins [1.3oN, 23.7oE]            Colombo [15.1oS, 45.8oE]

Compton [56.0oN, 105.0oE]             Condon [1.9oN, 60.4oE]            Condorcet [12.1oN, 69.6oE]

Conon [21.6oN, 2.0oE]             Cook [17.5oS, 48.9oE]            Copernicus [9.7oN, 20.0oW]

Couder [4.8oS, 92.4oW]             Cremona [67.5oN, 90.6oW]            Crile [14.2oN, 46.0oE]

Crozier [13.5oS, 50.8oE]             Crüger [16.7oS, 66.8oW]            Curie [23.0oS, 91.8oE]

Curtis [14.6oN, 56.6oE]             Curtius [67.2oS, 4.4oE]            Cusanus [72.0oN, 70.8oE]

Cuvier [50.3oS, 9.9oE]             Cyrillus [13.2oS, 24.0oE]            Cysatus [66.2oS, 6.1oW]

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