CRATERS (section no.49)

Acosta [5.6oS, 60.1oE]            Ansgarius [12.7oS, 79.7oE]             Atwood [5.8oS, 57.7oE]

Avery [1.4oS, 81.4oE]             Barkla [10.7oS, 67.2oE]             Bilharz [5.8oS, 56.3oE]

Black [9.2oS, 80.4oE]             Born [6.0oS, 66.8oE]             Carrillo [2.2oS, 80.9oE

Dale [9.6oS, 82.9oE]             Elmer [10.1oS, 84.1oE]            Geissler [2.6oS, 76.5oE]

Gilbert [32.2oS, 76.0oE]             Haldane [1.7oS, 84.1oE]            Hargreaves [2.2oS, 64.0oE]

Houtermans [9.4oS, 87.2oE]             Kapteyn [10.8oS, 70.6oE]             Kästner [7.0oS, 79.1oE]

Kiess [6.4oS, 84.0oE]             Kreiken [9.0oS, 84.6oE]            Langrenus [8.9oS 60.9oE]

la Pérouse [10.7oS, 76.3oE]             Lohse [13.7oS, 60.2oE]             Maclaurin [1.9oS, 68.0oE]

Morley [2.8oS, 64.6oE]            Naonobu [4.6oS, 57.8oE]             Rankine [3.9oS, 71.5oE]

Somerville [8.3oS, 64.9oE]             Van Vleck [1.9oS, 78.3oE]             von Behring [7.8oS, 71.8oE]

Webb [0.9oS, 60.0oE]            Weierstrass [1.3oS, 77.2oE]             Widmanstätten [6.1oS, 85.5oE]

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