d'Arrest [2.3oN, 14.7oE]             da Vinci [9.1oN, 45.0oE]            Daguerre [11.9oS, 33.6oE]

Dale [9.6oS, 82.9oE]             Dalton [17.1oN, 84.3oW]            Daly [5.7oN, 59.6oE]

Damoiseau [4.8oS, 61.1oW]             Daniell [35.3oN, 31.1oE]            Darney [14.5oS, 23.5oW]

Darwin [19.8oS, 69.1oW]             Daubrée [15.7oN, 14.7oE]            Davy [11.8oS, 8.1oW]

Dawes [17.2oN, 26.4oE]             de Gasparis [25.9oS, 50.7oW]             de la Rue [59.1oN, 53.0oE]

de Morgan [3.3oN, 14.9oE]             de Roy [55.3oS, 99.1oW]            de Sitter [80.1oN, 39.6oE]

de Vico [19.7oS, 60.2oW]             Debes [29.5oN, 51.7oE]            Dechen [46.1oN, 68,2oW]

Delambre [1.9oS, 17.5oE]             Delaunay [22.2oS, 2.5oE]            Delisle [29.9oN, 34.6oW]

Delmotte [27.1oN, 60.2oE]             Deluc [55.0oS, 2.8oW]            Dembowski [2.9oN, 7.2oE]

Democritus [62.3oN, 35.0oE]             Demonax [78.2oS, 59.0oE]            Desargues [70.2oN, 73.3oW]

Descartes [11.7oS, 15.7oE]             Deseilligny [21.1oN, 20.6oE]             Deslandres [32.5oS, 5.2oW]

Dionysius [2.8oN, 17.3oE]             Diophantus [27.6oN, 34.3oW]            Doerfel [69.1oS, 107.9oW]

Dollond [10.4oS, 14.4oE]             Donati [20.7oS, 5.2oE]            Donner [31.4oS, 98.0oE]

Doppelmayer [28.5oS, 41.4oW]             Dove [46.7oS, 31.5oE]            Draper [17.6oN, 21.7oW]

Drebbel [40.9oS, 49.0oW]             Dreyer [10.0oN, 96.9oE]            Drude [38.5oS, 91.8oW]

Drygalski [79.7oS, 86.8oW]             Dubiago [4.4oN, 70.0oE]             Dugan [64.2oN, 103.3oE]

Dunthorne [30.1oS, 31.6oW]             Dziewulski [21.2oN, 98.9oE]

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