Eckert [17.3oN, 58.3oE]             Eddington [21.5oN, 71.8oW]             Edison [25.0oN, 99.1oE]

Egede [48.7oN, 10.6oE]             Eichstadt [22.6oS, 78.3oW]            Eimmart [24.0oN, 64.8oE]

Einstein [16.6oN, 88.5oW]             Elger [35.5oS, 29.8oW]            Ellison [55.1oN, 107.5oW]

Elmer [10.1oS, 84.1oE]             Encke [4.6oN, 36.6oW]            Endymion [53.6oN, 56.5oE]

Epigenes [67.5oN, 4.6oW]             Epimenides [40.9oS, 30.2oW]            Eppinger [9.4oS, 25.7oW]

Eratosthenes [14.5oN, 11.3oW]             Erro [5.7oN, 98.5oE]            Esclangon [21.5oN, 42.1oE]

Euclides [7.4oS, 29.5oW]             Euctemon [76.4oN, 31.3oE]            Eudoxus [44.3oN, 16.3oE]

Euler [23.3oN, 29.2oW]

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