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Roof-Top Observatory

I work exclusively from a "roof-top" observatory (arrowed) in the upper floor of my appartment in Oeiras, Portugal. Oeiras is a small town located about 30km west of Portugal's capital Lisbon. The sky is accessed by a conventional roof window. 







The main instrument I use to obtain lunar, planetary, but also deep-space images, is a model LX200 10" (f/10) Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope from Meade, permanently mounted on a concrete pier using a "super-wedge". The pier is securely attached to the observatory's floor, and is still surrounded by its original wood cast (painted black). A Meade 4" (f/10) Schmidt-Cassegrain optical tube assembly is piggy-back mounted onto the main tube and, when necessary, I also have the possibility to attach to the system a CCD camera equipped with photographic lenses. The scope is balanced with the help of "body-builder" wheighs that run on aluminium profiles mounted onto the 10" tube. The LX200 is equipped with a moto-focus unit from Meade. When necessary I use a Kendrick Dew-Remover system in the 10" telescope.



C11 "orange" in eastern balcony


AO-2 adaptive optics device from Stellar Products


S.B.I.G's refrigerated CCD cameras (ST-5C and ST-6)

and motorized filter wheel (CFW-6A)

ST-5C        ST-6         CFW-6A

I own two refrigerated CCD cameras from SBIG, models ST-5C and ST-6.



Photographic Lenses

WIDE-ANGLE imaging         LOW F-RATIO objectives         TELEPHOTO objectives





Grayscale QuickCam


The grayscale QuickCam was the first webcam I modified for astrophotography.



b) QuickCam VC



Digital Cameras - Olympus Camedia 1400L

I bought the Olympus Camedia 1400L specifically for domestic photography. However, I soon realized that it could also be a nice camera for astrophotography, both as a stand-alone instrument and when used in combination with my 10" Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope. For more details take a look at the "Astrophotography with Digital Cameras" section of this page. For technical information about the camera visit the Olympus web page.

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