G. Bond [32.4oN, 36.2oE]             Galen [21.9oN, 5.0oE]            Galilaei [10.5oN, 62.7oW]

Galle [55.9oN, 22.3oE]             Galvani [49.6oN, 84.6oW]             Gambart [1.0oN, 15.2oW]

Ganswindt [79.6oS, 110.3oE]             Gardner [17.7oN, 33.8oE]            Gärtner [59.1oN, 34.6oE]

Gassendi [17.5oS, 39.9oW]             Gaudibert [10.9oS, 37.8oE]            Gauricus [33.8oS, 12.6oW]

Gauss [35.9oN, 79.1oE]             Gay-Lussac [13.9oN, 20.8oW]            Geber [19.4oS, 13.9oE]

Geissler [2.6oS, 76.5oE]             Geminus [34.5oN, 56.7oE]            Gemma Frisius [34.2oS, 13.3oE]

Gerard [44.5oN, 80.0oW]             Gernsback [36.5oS, 99.7oE]            Gibbs [18.4oS, 84.3oE]

Gilbert [32.2oS, 76.0oE]             Gill [63.9oS, 75.9oE]            Ginzel [14.3oN, 97.4oE]

Gioja [83.3oN, 2.0oE]             Giordano Bruno [36.0oN, 104.0oE]             Glaisher [13.2oN, 49.5oE]

Goclenius [10.0oS, 45.0oE]             Goddard [14.8oN, 89.0oE]            Godin [1.8oN, 10.2oE]

Goldschmidt [73.0oN, 2.9oW]             Golgi [27.8oN, 60.0oW]            Goodacre [32.7oS, 14.1oE]

Gould [19.2oS, 17.2oW]             Graff [42.4oS, 88.6oW]            Greaves [13.2oN, 52.7oE]

Grimaldi [5.2oS, 68.6oW]             Grove [40.3oN, 32.9oE]            Gruemberger [66.9oS, 10.0oW]

Gruithuisen [32.9oN, 39.7oW]             Guericke [11.5oS, 14.1oW]            Gum [40.4oS, 88.6oE]

Gutenberg [8.6oS, 41.2oE]             Guthnick [47.7oS, 93.9oW]            Gyldén [5.3oS, 0.3oE]

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