Hagecius [59.8oS, 46.6oE]             Hahn [31.3oN, 73.6oE]             Haidinger [39.2oS, 25.0oW]

Hainzel [41.3oS, 33.5oW]             Haldane [1.7oS, 84.1oE]            Hale [74.2oS, 90.8oE]

Hall [33.7oN, 37.0oE]             Halley [8.0oS, 5.7oE]            Hamilton [42.8oS, 84.7oE]

Hanno [56.3oS, 71.2oE]             Hansen [14.0oN, 72.5oE]            Hanskiy [9.7oS, 97.0oE]

Hansteen [11.5oS, 52.0oW]             Harding [43.5oN, 71.7oW]            Hargreaves [2.2oS, 64.0oE]

Harkhebi [39.9oN, 99.8oE]             Harpalus [52.6oN, 43.4oW]            Hartwig [6.1oS, 80.5oW]

Hase [29.4oS, 62.5oE]             Hausen [65.5oS, 88.4oW]            Hayn [64.7oN, 85.2oE]

Hecataeus [21.8oS, 79.6oE]             Hedin [2.9oN, 76.5oW]            Heinrich [24.8oN, 15.3oW]

Heinsius [39.5oS, 17.7oW]             Heis [32.4oN, 31.9oW]            Helicon [40.4oN, 23.1oW]

Hell [32.4oS, 7.8oW]             Helmert [7.6oS, 87.6oE]            Helmholtz [68.1oS, 64.1oE]

Henry [24.0oS, 56.8oW]             Henry Frères [23.5oS, 58.9oW]             Heraclitus [49.2oS, 6.2oE]

Hercules [46.7oN, 39.1oE]             Herigonius [13.3oS, 33.9oW]            Hermann [0.9oS, 57.3oW]

Hermite [86.4oN, 87.3oW]             Herodotus [23.2oN, 49.7oW]            Herschel [5.7oS, 2.1oW]

Hesiodus [29.4oS, 16.3oW]             Hevelius [2.2oN, 67.3oW]            Heyrovskı [39.6oS, 95.3oW]

Hill [20.9oN, 40.8oE]             Hind [7.9oS, 7.4oE]            Hippalus [24.8oS, 30.2oW]

Hipparchus [5.5oS, 4.8oE]             Hirayama [6.0oS, 93.7oE]            Hohmann [17.9oS, 94.1oW]

Holden [19.1oS, 62.5oE]             Hommel [54.6oS, 33.0oE]            Hooke [41.2oN, 54.9oE]

Hornsby [23.8oN, 12.5oE]             Horrebow [58.7oN, 40.8oW]            Horrocks [4.0oS, 5.9oE]

Hortensius [6.5oN, 28.0oW]             Houtermans [9.4oS, 87.2oE]            Hubble [22.1oN, 86.9oE]

Huggins [41.1oS, 1.4oW]             Humason [30.7oN, 56.6oW]            Humboldt [27.2oS, 80.9oE]

Hume [4.7oS, 90.4oE]             Huxley [20.2oN, 4.5oW]            Hyginus [7.8oN, 6.3oE]

Hypatia [4.3oS, 22.6oE]

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