Kaiser [36.5oS, 6.5oE]             Kane [63.1oN, 26.1oE]            Kant [10,6oS, 20,1oE]

Kao [6.7oS, 87.6oE]             Kapteyn [10.8oS, 70.6oE]            Kästner [7.0oS, 79.1oE]

Keldysh [51.2oN, 43.6oE]             Kepler [8.1oN, 38.0oW]            Kies [26.3oS, 22.5oW]

Kiess [6.4oS, 84.0oE]             Kinau [60.8oS, 15.1oE]            Kirch [39.2oN, 5.6oW]

Kircher [67.1oS, 45.3oW]             Kirchhoff [30.3oN, 38.8oE]            Klaproth [69.7oS, 26.0oW]

Klein [12.0oS, 2.6oE]             Knox-Shaw [5.3oN, 80.2oE]            Kopff [17.4oS, 89.6oW]

Kovalskiy [22.0oS, 101.0oE]             König [24.1oS, 24.6oW]            Krafft [16.6oN, 72.6oW]

Kramarov [2.3oS, 98.8oW]             Krasnov [29.9oS, 79.6oW]            Kreiken [9.0oS, 84.6oE]

Krieger [29.0oN, 45.6oW]             Krishna [24.5oN, 11.3oE]            Krogh [9.4oN, 65.7oE]

Krusenstern [26.2oS, 5.9oE]             Kugler [53.8oS, 103.7oE]            Kuiper [9.8oS, 22.7oW]

Kundt [11.5oS, 11.5oW]             Kunowsky [3.2oN, 32.5oW]

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