Maclaurin [1.9oS, 68.0oE]             Maclear [10.5oN, 20.1oE]            Macmillan [24.2oN, 7.8oW]

Macrobius [21.3oN, 46.0oE]             Mädler [11.0oS, 29.8oE]            Maestlin [4.9oN, 40.6oW]

Magelhaens [11.9oS, 44.1oE]             Maginus [50.0oS, 6.2oW]            Main [80.8oN, 10.1oE]

Mairan [41.6oN, 43.4oW]             Malapert [84.9oS, 12.9oE]            Mallet [45.4oS, 54.2oE]

Manilius [14.5oN, 9.1oE]             Manners [4.6oN, 20.0oE]            Manzinus [67.7oS, 26.8oE]

Maraldi [19.4oN, 34.9oE]             Marco Polo [15.4oN, 2.0oW]             Marinus [39.4oS, 76.5oE]

Marius [11.9oN, 50.8oW]             Markov [53.4oN, 62.7oW]            Marth [31.1oS, 29.3oW]

Maskelyne [2.2oN, 30.1oE]             Mason [42.6oN, 30.5oE]            Maunder [14.6oS, 93.8oW]

Maupertuis [49.6oN, 27.3oW]             Maurolycus [41.8oS, 14.0oE]            Maury [37.1oN, 39.6oE]

Maxwell [30.0oN, 98.6oE]             McAdie [2.1oN, 92.1oE]            McClure [15.3oS, 50.3oE]

McDonald [30.4oN, 20.9oW]             McLaughlin [47.1oN, 92.9oW]            Mee [43.7oS, 35.0oW]

Mees [13.6oN, 96.1oW]             Mendel [48.8oS, 109.9oW]            Menelaus [16.3oN, 16.0oE]

Menzel [3.4oN, 36.9oE]             Mercator [29.3oS, 26.1oW]            Mercurius [46.6oN, 66.2oN]

Merril [75.2oN, 116.3oW]             Mersenius [21.5oS, 49.2oW]            Messala [39.2oN, 59.9oE]

Messier [1.9oS, 47.6oE]             Metius [40.3oS, 43.3oE]            Meton [73.8oN, 19.2oE]

Milichius [10.0oN, 30.2oW]             Miller [39.3oS, 0.8oE]            Mitchell [49.7oN, 20.2oE]

Moigno [66.4oN, 28.9oE]             Moltke [0.6oS, 24.2oE]            Monge [19.2oS, 47.6oE]

Montanari [45.8oS, 20.6oW]             Moretus [70.6oS, 5.5oW]            Morley [2.8oS, 64.6oE]

Moseley [20.9oN, 90.1oW]             Mösting [0.7oS, 5.9oW]            Mouchez [78.3oN, 26.6oW]

Moulton [61.1oS, 97.2oE]             Müller [7.6oS, 2.1oE]            Murchison [5.1oN, 0.1oW]

Mutus [63.6oS, 30.1oE]

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