Palisa [9.4oS, 7.2oW]             Palitzsch [28.0oS, 64.5oE]            Pallas [5.5oN, 1.6oW]

Palmieri [28.6oS, 47.7oW]             Paneth [63.0oN, 94.8oW]            Parkhurst [33.0oS, 102.0oE]

Parrot [14.5oS, 3.3oE]             Parry [7.9oS, 15.8oW]            Pascal [74.3oN, 70.1oW]

Peary [88.6oN, 33.0oE]             Peek [2.6oN, 86.9oE]            Peirce [18.3oN, 53.5oE]

Peirescius [46.5oS, 67.6oE]             Pentland [64.6oS, 11.5oE]            Petavius [25.3oS, 60.4oE]

Petermann [74.2oN, 66.3oE]             Peters [68.1oN, 29.5oE]            Petit [2.3oN, 63.5oE]

Petrov [61.4oS, 88.0oE]             Pettit [27.5oS, 86.6oW]            Petzval [62.7oS, 110.4oW]

Phillips [26.6oS, 76.0oE]             Philolaus [72.1oN, 32.4oW]            Phocylides [52.9oS, 57.3oW]

Piazzi [36.2oS, 67.9oW]             Piazzi Smyth [41.9oN, 3.2oW]             Picard [14.6oN, 54.7oE]

Piccolomini [29.7oS, 32.2oE]             Pickering [2.9oS, 7.0oE]            Pictet [43.6oS, 7.4oW]

Pilâtre [60.3oS, 86.4oW]             Pingré [58.7oS, 73.7oW]            Pitatus [29.8oS, 13.5oW]

Pitiscus [50.4oS, 30.9oE]             Plana [42.2oN, 28.2oE]            Plaskett [82.3oN, 176.2oE]

Plato [51.6oN, 9.3oW]             Playfair [23.5oS, 8.4oE]            Plinius [15.4oN, 23.7oE]

Plutarch [24.1oN, 79.0oE]             Poczobutt [57.5oN, 99.3oW]            Poisson [30.4oS, 10.6oE]

Polybius [22.4oS, 25.6oE]             Pomortsev [0.7oN, 66.9oE]            Poncelet [75.8oN, 54.1oW]

Pons [25.3oS, 21.5oE]             Pontanus [28.4oS, 14.4oE]            Pontécoulant [58.7oS, 66.0oE]

Popov [17.2oN, 99.7oE]             Porter [56.1oS, 10.1oW]            Posidonius [31.8oN, 29.9oE]

Priestley [57.3oS, 108.4oE]             Prinz [25.5oN, 44.1oW]            Proclus [16.1oN, 46.8oE]

Proctor [46.4oS, 5.1oW]             Protagoras [56.0oN, 7.3oE]            Ptolemaeus [9.2oS, 1.8oW]

Puiseux [27.8oS, 39.0oW]             Pupin [23.8oN, 11.0oW]            Purbach [25.5oS, 1.9oW]

Purkyne [1.6oS, 94.9oE]             Pythagoras [63.5oN, 62.8oW]             Pytheas [20.5oN, 20.6oW]

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