Rabbi Levi [34.7oS, 23.6oE]             Raman [27.0oN, 55.1oW]            Ramsden [32.9oS, 31.8oW]

Rankine [3.9oS, 71.5oE]             Rayleigh [29.0oN, 89.2oE]            Réaumur [2.4oS, 0.7oE]

Regiomontanus [28.4oS, 1.0oW]             Régnault [54.1oN, 88.0oW]            Reichenbach [30.3oS, 48.0oE]

Reimarus [47.7oS, 60.3oE]             Reiner [7.0oN, 54.9oW]             Reinhold [3.3oN, 22.8oW]

Repsold [51.4oN, 78.5oW]             Respighi [2.8oN, 71.9oE]            Rhaeticus [0.0oN, 4.9oE]

Rheita [37.1oS, 47.2oE]             Riccioli [3.0oS, 74.3oW]            Riccius [36.9oS, 26.5oE]

Richardson [31.1oN, 100.3oE]             Riemann [39.5oN, 87.2oE]            Ritchey [11.1oS, 8.5oE]

Rittenhouse [74.5oS, 106.5oE]             Ritter [2.0oN, 19.2oE]            Ritz [15.1oS, 92.2oE]

Robinson [59.0oN, 45.9oW]             Rocca [12.7oS, 72.8oW]            Rocco [28.9oN, 45.0oW]

Rosenberger [55.4oS, 43.1oE]             Ross [11.7oN, 21.7oE]            Rosse [17.9oS, 35.0oE]

Rost [56.4oS, 33.7oW]             Rothmann [30.8oS, 27.7oE]            Rozhdestvenskiy [85.8oN, 159.1oW]

Römer [25.4oN, 36.4oE]             Röntgen [33.0oN, 91.4oW]            Runge [2.5oS, 86.7oE]

Russell [26.5oN, 75.4oW]             Ruth [28.7oN, 45.1oW]            Rutherfurd [60.9oS, 12.1oW]

Rydberg [46.5oS, 96.3oW]             Rynin [47.0oN, 103.5oW]

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