Sabatier [13.2oN, 79.0oE]             Sabine [1.4oN, 20.1oE]            Sacrobosco [23.7oS, 16.7oE]

Sampson [29.7oN, 16.5oW]             Santbech [20.9oS, 44.0oE]            Santos-Dumont [27.7oN, 4.8oE]

Sarabhai [24.7oN, 21.0oE]             Sasserides [39.1oS, 9.3oW]            Saunder [4.2oS, 8.8oE]

Saussure [43.4oS, 3.8oW]             Scheele [9.4oS, 37.8oW]            Scheiner [60.5oS, 27.8oW]

Schiaparelli [23.4oN, 58.8oW]             Schickard [44.4oS, 54.6oW]             Schiller [51.8oS, 40.0oS]

Schlüter [5.9oS, 83.3oW]             Schmidt [1.0oN, 18.8oE]            Schonberger [76.7oS, 24.9oE]

Schorr [19.5oS, 89.7oE]             Schönfeld [44.8oN, 98.1oW]            Schrödinger [75.6oS, 133.7oE]

Schröter [2.6oN, 7.0oW]             Schubert [2.8oN, 81.0oE]            Schumacher [42.4oN, 60.7oE]

Schwabe [65.1oN, 45.6oE]             Schwarzschild [70.6oN, 119.6oE]             Scoresby [77.7oN, 14.1oE]

Scott [81.9oS, 45.3oE]             Secchi [2.4oN, 43.5oE]            Seeliger [2.2oS, 3.0oE]

Segner [58.9oS, 48.3oW]             Seleucus [21.0oN, 66.6oW]            Seneca [26.6oN, 80.2oE]

Shaler [32.9oS, 85.2oW]             Shapley [9.4oN, 56.9oE]            Sharp [45.7oN, 40.2oW]

Sheepshanks [59.2oN, 16.9oE]             Shi Shen [76.0oN, 104.1oE]            Short [74.6oS, 7.3oW]

Shuckburgh [42.6oN, 52.8oE]             Shuleykin [27.1oS, 92.5oW]            Sikorsky [66.1oS, 103.2oE]

Silberschlag [6.2oN, 12.5oE]             Simpelius [73.0oS, 15.2oE]            Sinas [8.8oN, 31.6oE]

Sirsalis [12.5oS, 60.4oW]             Sklodowska [18.0oS, 96.0oE]            Slocum [3.0oS, 89.0oE]

Smithson [2.4oN, 53.6oE]             Smoluchowski [60.3oN, 96.8oW]             Snellius [29.3oS, 55.7oE]

Somerville [8.3oS, 64.9oE]             Sömmering [0.1oN, 7.5oW]            Sosigenes [8.7oN, 17.6oE]

South [57.7oN, 50.8oW]             Spallanzani [46.3oS, 24.7oE]             Spörer [4.3oS, 1.8oW]

Spurr [27.9oN, 1.2oW]             Stadius [10.5oN, 13.7oW]            Steinheil [48.6oS, 46.5oE]

Stevinus [32.5oS, 54.2oE]             Stewart [2.2oN, 67.0oE]            Stiborius [34.4oS, 32.0oE]

Stokes [52.5oN, 88.1oW]             Stöfler [41.1oS, 6.0oE]            Strabo [61.9oN, 54.3oE]

Street [46.5oS, 10,5oW]             Struve [23.0oN, 76.6oW]            Suess [4.4oN, 47.6oW]

Sulpicius Gallus [19.6oN, 11.6oE]             Sundman [10.8oN, 91.6oW]            Swasey [5.5oS, 89.7oE]

Swift [19.3oN, 53.4oE]             Sylvester [82.7oN, 79.6oW]

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