T. Mayer [15.6oN, 29.1oW]             Tacchini [4.9oN, 85.8oE]            Tacitus [16.2oS, 19.0oE]

Tacquet [16.6oN, 19.2oE]             Talbot [2.5oS, 85.3oE]            Tannerus [56.4oS, 22.0oE]

Taruntius [5.6oN, 46.5oE]             Taylor [5.3oS, 16.7oE]            Tebbutt [9.6oN, 53.6oE]

Tempel [3.9oN, 11.9oE]             Thales [61.8oN, 50,3oE]            Theaetetus [37.0oN, 6.0oE]

Thebit [22.0oS, 4.0oW]             Theiler [13.4oN, 83.3oE]            Theon Junior [2.3oS, 15.8oE]

Theon Senior [0.8oS, 15.4oE]             Theophilus [11.4oS, 26.4oE]            Theophrastus [17.5oN, 39.0oE]

Timaeus [62.8oN, 0.5oW]             Timocharis [26.7oN, 13.1oW]             Tisserand [21.4oN, 48.2oE]

Titius [26.8oS, 100.7oE]             Tolansky [9.5oS, 16.0oW]            Torricelli [4.6oS, 28.5oE]

Toscannelli [27.9oN, 47.5oW]             Townley [3.4oN, 63.3oE]            Tralles [28.4oN, 52.8oE]

Triesnecker [4.2oN, 3.6oE]             Trouvelot [49.3oN, 5.8oE]             Tucker [5.6oS, 88.2oE]

Turner [1.4oS, 13.2oW]             Tycho [43.3oS, 11.2oW]

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