van Albada [9.4oN, 64.3oE]             Van Biesbroeck [28.7oN, 45.6oW]             Van Vleck [1.9oS, 78.3oE]

Vasco da Gama [13.9oN, 83.8oW]             Vashakidze [43.6oN, 93.3oE]            Väisälä [26.6oN, 47.8oW]

Vega [45.4oS, 63.4oE]             Vendelinus [16.3oS, 61.8oE]            Vera [26.3oN, 43.7oW]

Verne [24.9oN, 25.3oW]             Very [25.6oN, 25.3oE]            Vestine [33.9oN, 93.9oE]

Vieta [29.2oS, 56.3oW]             Virchow [9.8oN, 83.7oE]            Vitello [30.4oS, 37.5oW]

Vitruvius [17.6oN, 31.3oE]             Vlacq [53.3oS, 38.8oE]            Vogel [15.1oS, 5.9oE]

Volta [54.0oN, 84.9oW]            von Behring [7.8oS, 71.8oE]             Voskresenskiy [28.0oN, 88.1oW]

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