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I started the hobby in 1986 by choosing a telescope in a catalogue (shopping by correspondance) as an anniversary gift without having ever looked at the stars (at least at the telescope). As a lot of amateurs having sustained, I had the divine surprise of focusing on the first bright star in the sky with the new mounted instrument and discovering that it was ring shaped: Saturn. 
I like to tell the following anecdote: after some discovery months (planets, Moon and Sun), I decided to look for the Orion Nebula said to be "the brightest nebula in the sky" in my begginner books. Some frustrating nights spent in searching in vain convinced me that I wasn't a talented observer... unless ... unless... M42 could be this infamous large nebulous cloud without contrast at the limit of vision ! 
Fooled by detailed and colourful books images, I was searching for something that didn't existed. I could have give up and return to over hobbies, but a perverse gene must have pushed me toward the "amateur astronomer" state. Clinic symptoms are insomnia during clear nights, hollidays planned in function of the new moon, etc....



Fund of athletics since my early youth, I rapidly decided to transform this field into a professionnal one: I actually prepare myself for a professorship in sports.. 
Pole vaulting is my speciality but other centers of interest are: volley-ball, gymnastics,table tennis, and sometimes tennis, roller skating or rock climbing. 
There is a lot to tell about sport and teaching but this site isn't designed primarily for that so this cell will remain short.



I do not see what else to say but will keep you informed ! Don't hesitate to get in touch by mail (). 



A small surprise below for websurfers not tired of rolldown clicking, illustrating the different ways of recording deep sky objects. 

NGC 7662, planetary nebula in Pegasus
visual drawing
T445, F/4.5 power=312x
OIII filter
observatoire de
La Clapière
intensified image
T620, F/15
XX1390 intensificator
one sec. resulting exposure
observatoire de Château-Renard
dark substracted CCD image
T620, F/15
HiSIS22 cam. 512x512p
3 min. exposure, IR blocking filter
observatoire de Château-Renard