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ROSSE (ie Charles PARSONS); Lord (3rd Earl); 1800-1867; IRL

Lord Rosse (Charles Parsons) constructed the largest telescopes of his time: at first a 36-inch reflector in 1839 and then a 72-inch in 1845 (this "Leviathan" weighted 3.8tons). Thanks to these instruments, he observed the first spiral shapes in nebulae (at least 14 among which M33, M77 and M95) and studied the heat of the Moon. The numerous discoveries made were described in "Observations of Nebulae and Clusters of Stars made with the 6-foot and 3-foot Reflectors at Birr Castle" (STRDS Dublin, 1880). His observatory at Birr Castle attracted a few assistants: G. STONEY (déc.), B. STONEY (déc.), W. RAMBAUT, R. MITCHELL (déc.), S. HUNTER, R. BALL (déc.), J. DREYER (déc.), C. BURTON, R. COPELAND (déc.), O. BOEDDICKER.