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Links to other deep sky sites
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Digitized POSS Skyview NASA 
digitized sky survey from the Palomar Observatory Sky Survey (mag.lim.=19); leading site for those who want to compare their own observations with the best reference around. 


Digitized POSS DSS Space Telescope Science Institute
same topic as above. 


Bonn's Planetary Nebulae catalogue (Innsbruck DataBase)
complete database with all known planetaries and numerous professionnal images (NTT 3.50m ans KPNO 2.10m) in oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, helium ans others (as long as you can read FITS images): a must for the planetaries' amateur searching for data.


NGC / IC Project
project aimed at a correct identification of each NGC and IC objects; original catalogues, observings lists and lists of corrections are available.


Webb Society
well known amateur society UK based, grouping hundreds of deep sky observers from all over the world; a quaterly journal is published and the site presents numerous individuals' pages.


NDSOS (National Deep-Sky Observers Society)
american based society popularising the deep sky, producing 2 quaterly journals.


international organization fighting the light pollution; contacts and solutions are proposed.


Finnish Deep-Sky Section
deep sky section of the national organization "Ursa Major"; very active.


deep sky publication in german ! Interesting and of excellent design (the publication).


Mark Birkmann's site
Dedicated to large telescope drawings. Superb drawings made with a 40-inch dobsonian ! This includes some of my drawings made with 17.5-inch (and the number will grow with time).


  • astronomical softwares (SEDS)
  • software for registering observations
  • software for registering observations
  • Deepsky 2000 Professional For Windows 95 Home Page
  • DOBJECTS 1.6 - an Astronomical Database and Observing Log program
  • individuals' pages
  • Mark BIRKMANN's site (drawings with large instruments)
  • Jean-Marc LECLEIRE's site (drawings, building scopes, in french)
  • Mickael GELDORP's site (drawings)
  • Olivier LARDIERE's site (CCD images in french)
  • Chris SCHUR 's site (photos)
  • Jim SHIELDS' site (challenges in deep sky observing); a must see !
  • Yves LHOUMEAU's site (binocular observations, in french)
  • Martin GERMANO's site (photos)
  • Emmanuel DESVOIVRES's site (homebuilt dob, homemade telrad)
  • Maurice GAVIN (CCD spectroscopy)
  • PNs and images
  • PN's images from BBalick (Univ. of Washington)
  • PN's images from G. Jacoby (NOAO)
  • PN's images from Zhang (Calgary)
  • PN's images from Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias
  • Doug SNYDER's site dedicated to PNs (Blackskies)
  • Tom POLAKIS' site dedicated to Abell's PNs
  • CCD Atlas on Line (P. RE)
  • Jason WARE's site
  • Messier objects photos
  • CCD Images of William McLAUGHLIN
  • Bill ARNETT's Messier Page
  • Bill ARNETT's Nebula Web
  • Messier objects photos
  • Messier objects photos
  • Messier photo-Gallery (Hol.)
  • NGC/IC and Other Objects drawings by Larry
  • PN's Gallery (Australia)
  • societies/publications
  • NDSOS - National Deep Sky Observers Society (USA) - Betelgeuse
  • Webb Society - The Deep Sky Observer (UK)
  • Deep-Sky section Finland (FIN)
  • Interstellarum - german deep sky journal (ALL)
  • Amateur Astronomy Magazine - telescope making (USA)
  • lors of links
  • AstroQueyras - amateur observatory of St-Véran (T62cm FRA)
  • AUDE - Association des Utilisateurs de Détecteurs Electroniques (ccd) (FRA)
  • AAVSO (American Association of Variable Star Observers) (USA)
  • Astronomer Magazine (UK)
  • ASTRONOMY Magazine (USA)
  • telescope making
  • dobsonian plans
  • ATM-listing of interesting sites
  • ATM-ATM Journal
  • ATM-ATM Calculator
  • ATM- finding best diagonal for Newtonian
  • ATM-trucs1
  • Amateur Telescope Makers ( ATM ) Journal
  • Amateur Telescope Makers ( ATM ) Listserve Archives
  • Amateur Telescope Makers ( ATM ) Page: WWW Resource for Amateur Telescope Making
  • Computerizing Dobsonian Telescope
  • catalogues
  • site ftp de Luginbuhl & Skiff (beaucoup de données d'observation)
  • base de données SAC 6.0
  • catalogue NP Strasbourg-ESO
  • Astrophysics Data System Catalog Service
  • CDS-Strasbourg
  • Astronomical Catalogs
  • Catalog of Galaxies
  • Arp's Catalog of Peculiar Galaxies
  • Messier Database at SEDS
  • New General Catalog ( NGC ) Online
  • New General Catalog ( NGC ) Search System ( Spain )
  • New General Catalog Images ( NGC ) on the Net
  • VizieR (CDS) Tycho/Hipparchos (taper I/239)
  • dessins
  • données FTP Finlande (500 dessins)
  • dessins J. KAHANPAA
  • L. MITCHELL's deep sky drawings
  • Bert's Visual Deep Sky site ( Netherlands )
  • Jean-Marc LECLEIRE (dessins, construction)
  • Xavier CAMER (dessins)
  • Mickael GELDORP (dessins)
  • observatoires
  • NOAO-National Optical Astronomy Observatories
  • Kitt Peak
  • Lowell Obs.
  • CFH-Mauna Kea
  • Mac Donald Obs.
  • Mont Wilson
  • Mont Palomar
  • VLA-Very Large Array
  • Yerkes Obs.
  • starparty
  • Starparty-Stellafane
  • Starparty-Texas Star Party
  • Starparty-AstroFest
  • aide ciel profond
  • IAAC Web Archive
  • marathon Messier (SEDS)
  • séquences photometriques Jeff MEDKEF
  • corrections de CARLIN au livre "Visual Astronomy of the Deep Sky" (RN. Clark)
  • site Blackskies conscré aux NP
  • site Polakis consacré aux NP d'Abell
  • article S&T de Brian SKIFF sur les noms des catalogues
  • Lacaille Catalog Images
  • Limiting magnitude estimation ( Finland )
  • Globular Cluster's page ( Canada )
  • article SCHAEFER "magnitudes limites"
  • histoire
  • Histoire de l'Astronomie: (Bonn/All); nombreuses biographies
  • Women Scientists in the Past (Online University); nombreuses biographies
  • Histoire de l'Astronomie: decouvertes d'OCP (Messier, Herschel,...)(SEDS)
  • Histoire de l'Astro.: images historiques
  • Histoire de l'Astro.: biographies historiques variees
  • Histoire de l'Astro.: biographies historiques dans une encyclopedie
  • biographies historiques de physiciens (dont nbreux astronomes)
  • 4000 ans de femmes scientifiques
  • images d'anciens astronomes
  • biographies de mathematiciens (dont certains astrophysiciens)
  • ICSTARS Astronomy
  • commerciaux
  • TL System
  • Equatorials Platforms
  • Celestron
  • Meade
  • SBIG
  • Orion
  • TeleVue
  • Starmaster
  • Tectron (Tom CLARK)
  • Starsplitter
  • Coulter Murnighan
  • Obsession
  • Lumicon
  • Optec
  • Edmund Scientific
  • Advanced Telescope Supplies (Australie)
  • AstroSystems
  • Protostars
  • Tech2000 Dob DriverII
  • éditions Willmann-Bell
  • éditions Springer-Verlaag
  • Galaxy Optics (J. HUDEK)
  • Nova Optical Systems (S. DODDS)
  • QSP Optical Tech
  • Software Bisque
  • Home-Dome and Pro-Dome
  • Kendrick Dew Remover
  • University Optics
  • Observa-Dome
  • Starlight CCD (UK)
  • Questar Corp.
  • Apogee
  • supernovae
  • Supernovae Pages on the WWW
  • Supernovae Research Home Page
  • vérificateur supernova/nova et asteroides(vérifie la présence d'asteroides dans un champ donné)
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