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BARNARD; Edward E.; 1857-1923; USA

Barnard started astronomy by discovering comets in order to win the $200 promised by a Maecenas for each new object (he found 10 between 1881 and 1887!). With a 6inch refractor, he also discovered numerous nebulae ("Nebulae found with a 6-inch Refractor at Nashville, Tennessee", The Sidereal Messenger, ????). Noticed by the professionals, he was hired by Lick Observatory where he discovered a Jupiter Satellite with the 36inch refractor. He soon became a specialist in the recent photographic domain: he made numerous wide field images of the Milky Way with "Bruce"'s astrograph of 12inch ("Atlas of Selected Regions of the Milky Way"), establishing a dark nebulae catalogue and finding very faiunt gazeous nebulae along with WOLF during these "surveys". He was in constant discord with Lick's director HOLDEN, and having enough he left Lick for Yerkes and Wilson observatories.