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Welcome on this fully (or quite so) astronomy-oriented website named Les Cinq Sœurs. Why having called it "Les Cinq Sœurs" (which stands for "Five Sisters" in french) and who or which are these five sisters ? The Pleiades , as it seems to be suggested by the logo ? No. At last, not exactly. Anyway, that was not the source of this strange web-site name. In fact, the Five Sisters refers to a constellation which can be found in Foundation's Edge by Isaac ASIMOV. Sought since Seychelles (within the Sirius district), they looks like a pentagon which shows the star Gaia-S in its center. Gaia-S around which Gaia, the planet from where Blissenobiarella comes from, orbits.

As I haven't the 3D-atlas which outfits Far Star spacecraft, I can only imagine the way these five sisters could be sought from Earth. So, please look at the Pleiades and you will see five yellow stars quite strung together with the same glow, so why not ? Why couldn't they be the Five Sisters ? What is to be lose giving life to the dreams ?

On this web-site, you will find about everything and nothing, our only rule being the question "Is this, more or less, astronomy or something approaching ?". Thus Brandobras and myself, Flying Jacket, will make you discover our instruments, our accessories, our hocus-pocus, our favorite links ans many other things. Indeed, I think it's better to let you discover the whole of this by yourself. Have a nice surfing !