"No astronomical sighting without a C.R.O.A." (in french, this stands for Comptes-Rendus d'Observations Astronomiques, which could be translated in english by something like Astronomical Sighting Report (but it has nothing to do with UFOs)) should almost be a shibboleth for every amateur astronomer. Indeed, a C.R.O.A. can have several uses :

  • to keep a track of the sighted objects during the night
  • to write down the subtleties and/or the commited mistakes (in order no to do them again)
  • to share what we saw and how it seems when we did the sighting
  • to allow other astronomers to give a piece of advice about what we think we saw (since, sometimes, we can wonder about what we really saw)
  • and, especially, to keep an unforgettable memory of the sighting

So you can read some of our C.R.O.A. online, but we appologize the fact they are not yet translated in english, but we promise to do it as soon as possible. You can download our C.R.O.A. as pdf-files, too.