Deep Sky digital images
by Lorenzo Comolli
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G82.2+5.3 Cygnus Shell
Pickering Triangle
Veil East (NGC 6992)
The squid and the bat
(Ou4 and Sh2-129)
Bubble, M52 and
Sharpless neighborhood
IC 1848 Soul Nebula
Abell 1185 galaxy cluster
LBN 438 in Lacerta
Sh2-232 in Auriga
Sh2-224 Supernova remnant
in Auriga
NGC 6820 in Vulpecula
LDN 783 in Vulpecula
LBN 437 in Lacerta
Sh2-101 and neighborhoods in Cygnus
M11 and Scutum star cloud - 2
Coathanger cluster
NGC5128, Centaurus A Galaxy
NGC253, Silver Dollar Galaxy
NGC1097, Fornax Galaxy
Snake dark nebula, B72
Sh2-157 in Cepheus/Cassiopeia
Barnard's E (B142-143)
NGC 1333 and neighborhoods
Sh2-129 in Cepheus
Sh2-119 in Cygnus
LBN 558 and LDN 1250-1246
in Cepheus
Scorpius Tail (IC 4628) - detail
NGC 6334, Cat's Paw Nebula
M8 Lagoon Nebula
47 Tucanae (NGC104) globular cluster
NGC 6752 globular cluster
M22 globular cluster
Witch Head Nebula - IC 2118
Corona Australis Molecular Cloud region
Acrux, NGC 4609 and part of the Coalsack
NGC 1365 and galaxy cluster
M7 and dark nebulas
Sculptor Dwarf Galaxy - PGC 3589
Blanco 1 open cluster
Sh2-33 in Serpens
Integrated Flux Nebula in UMa, near SAO 6792
Ced 51 in Orion's head
Barnard 18 in Taurus
M81-82 with SN2014J
Barnard 11-12-13 deep Ha
LBN 603 in Cassiopeia
Omega Centauri globular cluster
Comparison of Omega Centauri and M13
The best globular clusters
Cave Nebula, Sh2-155, 2nd trial
Propeller Nebula
Antares Nebulae
Eta Carinae Nebula
M8, M20 and Sh2-29
(from Namibia)
IC 2944 - Running Chicken Nebula
NGC 6188 in Ara
LDN 673 and neighborhood
Hourglass nebula inside IC1318
Small Magellanic Cloud (SMC)
Abell 1656 galaxy cluster
in Coma Berenices
M31, The Andromeda Galaxy
M100 in Virgo Cluster
Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC)
M101, Pinwheel Galaxy
Sh2-265 and VdB 38
Abell 1367
LDN1622 The Boogie Man nebula
IC 2169 and 446
LBN 534 and VdB 158
M38 and LBN 794
M24 star cloud
Sh2-150 and VdB-154
IC 1805, Hearth Nebula
NGC 6604, LBN 72
and star cloud
Bubble Nebula and M52
Elephant's Trunk nebula, VdB 142
Barnard 169-170-171-174
in Cepheus
Sh2-132 in Cepheus
Cave Nebula, Sh2-155
Helix nebula, NGC 7293
Cat's Paw Nebula
Scorpius Tail (IC 4628)
VdB 99 and Pi Sco
M6 and LBN 1116
Pipe Nebula
B228, the Dark Wolf
NGC 7380 in Cepheus
Crux, the Coalsack and Centaurus
The Magellanic Clouds
Gegenschein in Aquarius
LBN 468 in Cepheus
VdB 152 + LBN 528
nebular complex
Dragon's Head and neighborhoods
Tarantula Nebula (NGC 2070)
Photographic Messier Marathon
NGC 2516, the Diamond cluster
IC2602, Southern Pleiades
and Melotte 101
IC2391 + NGC2669
Omicron Velorum Cluster
IC 405, Flaming Star nebula
All-Sky with Gegenschein
and Zodiacal Band
All-Sky with Galactic Center
at zenith
Alnilam nebulae
IC423-424-426 and LBN 935
IC 443, Jellyfish Nebula
Comet C/2009 P1 (Garradd)
LBN 777, Vulture Head nebula
The Galactic Center
2005 YU55 asteroid
IC59-63 near Gamma Cas
Veil East NGC 6992
VdB-150 in Cepheus
Crescent NGC 6888
Cocoon IC 5146 (apo)
M16 Eagle
Witch Head Nebula (from Italy)
Markarian's Chain, Virgo Cluster
M104, Sombrero Galaxy
Iris nebula
Barnard 138
NGC 6820
Cocoon IC 5146 (nwt)
PK 164+31.1
M81-82 with flux nebula
Horsehead nebula
M36-M38 in Auriga
Mirfak cluster, Mel 20
M44 Behive cluster
M45 Pleiades
Jupiter and Uranus 2010
Cone nebula
IC 1396 ha+color
IC 1396 ha
LBN 783 and neighborhoods
M16 and NGC 6604
Beta Scuti dark nebulas
Near Milky way center
Veil nebula
M11 and Scutum star cloud
180 star trails
around Polaris
Milky Way from Aql to Cep
Scorpius and Zeta Oph (Sh2-27)
Milky Way, from
horizon to Vulpecula
Cygnus and Lyra
Southern Milky Way
All Sky with Milky Way
from Pian dell'Arm
All Sky with Milky Way
from Colle dell'Agnello
Milky Way panorama, from
Scorpio to Cygnus - 2009 ed
Milky Way panorama, from
Scorpio to Orion - 2011 ed
NGC 7822 and Sh2-171
IC 1318 - Gamma Cyg
Cat's paw, NGC 6334+6357
(from Italy)
IC 5146 Cocoon
Abell 85 ha
Rosette color
NGC 2244+2237
IC 443 ha+color
IC 443 ha
Rosette ha+color
NGC 2244+2237
Rosette nebula ha
NGC 2244+2237
NGC 3628
NGC 3344
IC 443 color
NGC 1499 California
NGC 7000 ha+color
IC 405-410 ha
Sh2-129 in Cepheus
Between M42 and Horsehead
Veil nebula ha
IC 1396 color
NGC 7000 color
M8, M20, Sh2-29
(from Italy)
IC 1805-1848 ha
Barnard "E", B142-143
M24 and B72-73
Snake B78
M33 Schmidt
M65-66 and NGC 3628
M46-47 and NGC 2438
Double Cluster in Perseus
M27 Dumbell
NGC 1360
Stephan quintet
NGC 7320 et al
vdB142 (in IC 1396)
Sh2-132 in Cepheus
Gamma Cygni region (IC 1318)
M31 Schmidt
North America region (NGC 7000)
M 74
M97 owl nebula
M1 crab nebula
M51 + sn2005cs
Ruths 1.37 m
SCT 20 cm
NGC 925
M 76
NGC 891
NGC 2903
Blue Snowball
NGC 7662

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