Colle dell'Agnello - 2750m

Nation, region, province
Italy, Piemonte, Cuneo, on the border with France
WGS84 coordinates
44°41'25" N 6°58'34 E google maps
Heigth Top: 2750 m, parking in France: 2670 m
Brightness at zenith [mag/arcsec^2] -
Typical limiting magnitude
Max number of amateurs 50

This is the bestt observing location I've ever tried in Northern Italy. Even if this is quite far from my home, it is worth all the kilometers I need. It's on the border between Italy and France, and there are several places where to put the telescopes. The pass is not recommended because of the wind that can be quite strong.
The sky is perfectly dark in all the directions, expecially toward South. The horizon, from Italy is perfect toward South and in the other directions the mountains are about 10-15° height.

Panorama of the mountains on the French part of the pass.

7-8-9 october 2008: Giosuè with the telescopes ready for a night of work. On the background the Pan di Zucchero (Sugarloaf) mountain.

Looking toward South, the lowest point is the pass.

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