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I recently put a Genesis together, with a KAF-0401 CCD, and have been trying to get used to the thing. Unlike a QC, it tends not to flavor things. If tracking is bad, the stars look bad. Ok, so now I need to develop some actual talent at this.

The camera goes together well, and worked right off the bat. Some things I did a little differently than described, but it is still pretty much a stock design.

Since it is new to me, I havent had time to get any kind of style at all. Ive spent most of my time getting to know the camera, Pisco, Iris, etc. Those of you who know me know that I will have to write a piece of software to handle the camera the way I would like. There are too many steps involved in getting from a dark night to a finished image. Most are simple steps that should be automated entirely.

Since I built the camera, my Saulietis filter wheel arrived. It was intended to work with the QC, not the larger KAF-0401, and there is considerable vignetting though the 25mm filters.

The 80mm mount wasnt stiff enough to hold the camera, so I had to add a Losmandy dovetail and rings. Now I need to come up with a bracket to hold the weight of the camera on the dovetail without binding, and Ill be able to shoot through it.

Genesis Topics:

Images  Im afraid I just dont get better with practice.

Mods     Or, how to devalue your camera.

Software Heres where I hope to contribute.

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