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 Messier Objects

I have quite a few Messier objects, but most are pretty mediocre, so Ive trimmed the list down considerably. Only the best are shown - you can be assured that I dont have any better of any particular object. Sorry for the lack of thumbnails, but Im trying to keep the space down and the speed up.

Use the links to the lower left to get to the groups of images. Most are horrible, but a few stand out...

M1 is nice. It is a floating point remake of earlier data.

M31 is a pretty good image, for what it is. To the best of my knowledge, that was the first deep sky image of "long duration" ever made with a QC. 92 frames in a mosaic.

There are two interesting M42 images - one is a normal "shoot til you drop" image, while the other is a deep mosaic. Both using the 80mm. The mosaic shows what you can drag out of a QC if you can get deep enough.

M99 shows knots in the arms. I would like to have gone further with that object. This was the first image made with the floating point image stack in DarkGen.