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 QuickCam Projects

I donīt do this anymore. I used to. It was fun. Now I do other things. They are more fun. If you want to have fun with this stuff, please do.
Please join the
QCUIAG list before sending me questions. If you donīt want to join the list, then at least browse the archives.

If you find your question is unanswered by the archives, then ask away! But keep in mind that asking me to stop my research in order to do yours is likely to piss me off - make it an interesting question.

Some basic doīs and donīts:

Do ask me the particulars of the ABG mod.
Do not ask me how to do it to a Quickcam Express.

Do ask how to use a particular feature of DarkGen.
Do not ask me what the features are. You can read a web page as well as you can read email.

Do not ask me how to set up your parallel port.
Do not ask me if QCV2 supports your camera.
Do not ask me if QCV2 will someday support your camera.

Some things Iīve done with the QC are worh leaving on the site, so I have put up a section for them. For further information on using these little things, see the links.

Articles I have done on various QC related topics. Mostly technical stuff to explain why they act the way they do, but some on techniques that have worked for me.

Schematic fragments of the Grayscale camera. We did some mods to it, and the schematics helped to figure out what needed to be cut and what needed to be stuck in its place.

Images I have made using the QC Grayscale and the LX-200 or 80mm. Some were made with an old 75mm f/3 copy lens. I tried to include exposure information when I had it, but some of the images were just experiments gone good.

Software written to support the QC grayscale camera.