European Planetary Science Congress 2013 (EPSC2013), London

AM1 session: Amateur contribution to the advancement of planetary science
(Sept. 12th 2013)

Convener: Marc Delcroix
Co-Conveners: John Rogers , Apostolous A. Christou , Leigh N. Fletcher , Christophe Pellier , and Richard Miles



EPSC2013-197   paper
PRO-AM collaborations in Planetary Astronomy
F. Colas, O. Mousis, R. Hueso, J.-P. Beaulieu, S. Bouley, B. Carry, A. Klotz, C. Pellier, J.-M. Petit, and P. Rousselot

EPSC2013-556   presentation
Ground-based observations of Venus in near infrared
C. Pellier and G. Monachino
Observing technic

EPSC2013-795   presentation
Digital daylight observations of the planets with small telescopes
E. Kardasis
 Jupiter atmosphere

EPSC2013-384   presentation
Jupiter's North Equatorial Belt: An historic change in cyclic behaviour with acceleration of the North Equatorial jet
J. Rogers, G Adamoli, G Hahn, M Jacquesson, M Vedovato, and H-J Mettig
Jupiter impacts

EPSC2013-812   presentation
Jovian impact flashes detection with DeTeCt software project
M. Delcroix and R. Hueso

EPSC2013-377   presentation
Low-phase-angle photometry of some Themis-family members and other asteroids
R. Miles


 Saturn atmosphere
EPSC2013-1067   poster
Saturn northern hemisphere's atmosphere and polar hexagon in 2013
M. Delcroix, P. Yanamandra-Fisher, G. Fischer, L.N. Fletcher, K.M. Sayanagi, and T. Barry

Pro-Am Collaboration for Support of NASA Comet ISON Observing Campaign (CIOC)
P. A. Yanamandra-Fisher, E. Warner and the NASA CIOC Team

Pro-Amateur Observatories as a Significant Resource for Professional Astronomers - Taurus Hill Observatory
H. Haukka, V.-P. Hentunen, M. Nissinen, T. Salmi, H. Aartolahti, J. Juutilainen, and H. Vilokki

(by Manos Kardasis except when specified)

University College of London hosting EPSC2013
(picture by Marc Delcroix)

University College of London hosting EPSC2013
(picture by Marc Delcroix)

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