European Planetary Science Congress 2015 (EPSC2015), Nantes, France

AM1 session: Amateur contribution to planetary and exoplanet science
(Oct. 1st 2014)

Convener: Marc Delcroix
Co-Conveners: Christophe Pellier, Ricardo Hueso, Padama Yanamandra-Fisher, Felipe Braga-Ribas


Observing campaigns
(past and future)


EPSC2015-50  presentation
The results of the 2015 campaign of observation of mutual events of the Jovian satellites
EPSC2015-619  presentation
Jupiter’s Galilean satellites mutual events as a teaching tool
J.F. Rojas and A. Sanchez-Lavega
EPSC2015-379  presentation
The Campaign for the Occultation of UCAC4-347-165728 (R=12m2) by Pluto on June 29th, 2015
W. Beisker, B. Sicardy, D. Berard, E. Meza, D. Herald, D. Gault, J. Talbot, H.-J. Bode, F. Braga-Ribas, T. Barry, J. Broughton, W. Hanna, J. Bradshaw, S. Kerr, and H. Pavlov
Virtual Observatory tools and Amateur Radio Observations Supporting Scientific Analysis of Jupiter Radio Emissions
B. Cecconi, S L G Hess, P Le Sidaner, R Savalle, S Erard, A Coffre, E Thétas, N André, V Génot, J Thieman, D Typinski, J Sky, and C Higgins
EPSC2015-799  presentation
How Amateur Astronomers Can Support the Juno Mission
M. Delcroix and G. Orton

Observations from amateurs
and their analysis
EPSC2015-46  presentation
Circulation of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot measured from amateur and Hubble images
J. Rogers and M. Jacquesson
EPSC2015-339  presentation
2014 Uranus storm activity observations by amateur astronomers
M. Delcroix
Pro-Am collaborative
EPSC2015-913  presentation
The “Station de Planétologie des Pyrénées” (S2P), a collaborative science program in the course of a long history at Pic du Midi observatory.
F. Colas, A. Klotz, F. Vachier, M. Birlan, B. Sicardy, J. Lecacheux and the The Station de Planetologie Team


Amateur – professional collaborations in Giant Planets Atmospheres Research through the Planetary Virtual Observatory of the International Outer Planets Watch (PVOL - IOPW)
R. Hueso, J. Legarreta, and A. Sánchez-Lavega

(by John Rogers)

Myself (Marc Delcroix) and Glenn Orton on screen during session

Michel Jacquesson during session

Bilbao team with John Rogers and Michel Jacquesson in front of John's poster

Some good time during dinner in an Italian cantine...