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EPSC2017 Amateur Astronomy program occured in the middle of the congress, on wednesday Sept. 20th, 2017, in Riga, Latvia. This was the first year that amateur participants were funded through Europlanet 2020 NA1. This prooved successful has the result was the highest number of presentations/posters showcased in the amateur sessions since the existence of the Amateur program.

First session was pro-am collaborations in planetary science, convened by M. Delcroix, R. Hueso, with H. Haukka, C. Pellier, P. Yanamandra-Fisher and A. A. Christou.
Second session was more focused on Juno support from amateurs, convened by M. Delcroix, J. Rogers, with R. Hueso , G. S. Orton , L.N. Fletcher, C. Pellier and P. A. Yanamandra-Fisher.

Presentations and posters

Presenters/co-converners from left to right:
Veikko Mäkelä (Finland), Padma Yanamandra-Fisher (USA), Gerald Eichstädt (Germany), Clyde Foster (South Africa), Ricardo Hueso (Spain), Jean-Luc Dauvergne (France), Manos Kardasis (Greece), Marc Delcroix (France), Glenn Orton (USA), John Rogers (UK)

 Session AM1:
Amateur collaborations in small bodies, terrestrial, giant and exo planets professional studies


EPSC2017-461 Europlanet 2020: Fostering the collaboration between professional scientists and amateur astronomers (abstract)
            M. Scherf, G. Kargl, G. Tautvaisiene, and T. Al-Ubaidi

EPSC2017-405 Digital amateur observations of Venus at ~0.9μm  (abstract)
          E. Kardasis

EPSC2017-588 Comprehensive amateur coverage of the Mars 2015-2017 apparition from the Southern Hemisphere (abstract)
            C. Foster

EPSC2017-904 DeTeCt planetary impact detection project - frequency estimations and big data set secondary results (abstract)
            M. Delcroix, R. Hueso, J. Juaristi, and A. Sanchez-Lavega

EPSC2017-115 Bright features on Uranus and Neptune (abstract)
            J. Sussenbach, W. Kivits, and M. Delcroix

EPSC2017-829 The 19th of July 2016 Multi-Chord Stellar Occultation by Pluto - A European PRO-AM cooperation
            W. Beisker, A. Eberle, B. Gaehrken, B. Kattentidt, G. Murawski, K. Gazeas, L. Tzouganatos, K. Tigani, D. Gloistein, D. Hampf, D. Hampf, H. Eichler, J. Hattenbach, K. Guhl, M. Dohrmann, G. Krannich, P. Lindner, A. Marchini, R. Papini, F. Salvaggio, J. Ohlert, O. Kloes, O. Farago, A. Farago, P. Grzedzielsk, F. Signoret, Z. Moravec, V. Tsamis, G. Wortmann, K. Walzel, W. Rothe, H.-J. Bode, G. Dangl, D. Berard, J. Desmars, R. Leiva, E. Meza, M. Assafin, G. Benedetti-Rossi, F. Braga Ribas, J. Camargo, A. Dias de Oliveira, A. Gomes Junior, R. M. Vieira, J. L. Ortiz, R. Duffard, P. Santos-Sanz, N. Morales, and B. Sicardy and the Pluto Occultation Observation team


P166    EPSC2017-127 PVOL2 (The Planetary Virtual Observatory and Laboratory): An improved database of amateur observations of Solar system planets (abstract)
             R. Hueso, J. Juaristi, J. Legarreta, A. Sánchez-Lavega, S. Erard, B. Cecconi, and P. Le Sidaner

P167    EPSC2017-71 Taurus Hill Observatory Scientific Observations for Pulkova Observatory during the 2016-2017 Season  (abstract)
            V.-P. Hentunen, H. Haukka, E. Heikkinen, T. Salmi, and J. Juutilainen

P168    EPSC2017-520 Amateur observations of exoplanets in Finland: History and recent activities (abstract)
            V. Mäkelä, H. Haukka, A. Oksanen, P. Kehusmaa, and V.-P. Hentunen

Session AM2:

Juno Ground-Based Support from Amateurs


EPSC2017-149 The essential role of amateur astronomers in enabling the Juno mission interaction with the public (abstract) © 2017 All rights reserved

            G. S. Orton, C. J. Hansen, F. Tabataba-Vakili, S. Bolton, and E. Jensen

EPSC2017-236 A simplified method to track long-term changes in Jupiter’s belt/zone structure (abstract)
            E. Kardasis

EPSC2017-335 Predictive maps for Juno perijoves and identification of significant features (abstract)
            J.H. Rogers, G. Adamoli, M. Jacquesson, M. Vedovato, H-J. Mettig, G. Eichstädt, M. Caplinger, T.W. Momary, G.S. Orton, F. Tabataba-Vakili, and C.J. Hansen

EPSC2017-517 About Jupiter's Reflectance Function in JunoCam Images (abstract)
            G. Eichstaedt, G. S. Orton, T. Momary, C. J. Hansen, and M. Caplinger

EPSC2017-770 Remote high resolution imaging of Jupiter and Saturn from Chilescope Observatory (withdrawn) (abstract)
            D. Peach, S. Pogrebisskiy, D. Makolkin, and Y. Beletsky

EPSC2017-970 Improving a 1 meter telescope in order to follow giant planets in a pro-am collaboration. Next step : an affordable adaptive optic system (abstract)
            J.-L. Dauvergne, F. Colas, M. Delcroix, and J. Lecacheux

                    video of the talk



On of the most important aspect of the congress, is the possibility for amateurs to meet their peers, professional astronomers, wether at the congress or in outside, to exchange and build new projects and ideas in pro-am collaborations.

Dinner downtown Riga.
Around the table from the left: John Rogers, Olivier Mousis, Marc Delcroix, Jean-Luc Dauvergne, Clyde Foster, John Sussenbach

Common poster for the Giant Planets session
Ricardo Hueso, Marc Delcroix

Common poster at the Giant Planets session.
Leigh Fletcher, Glenn Orton, John Rogers

Giant Planets poster session
Ricardo Hueso, Teresa del Rio-Gaztelurrutia, Agustin Sanchez-Lavega, Clyde Foster

Poster session
Clyde Foster, Gerald and Julia Eichstädt

Dinner at the hotel
Marc Delcroix, Leigh Fletcher, John Rogers

At the hotel
Gerald Eichstädt, Michael Ravine, John Rogers

Drink at the hotel
John Rogers, Clyde Foster, Glenn Orton

All pictures from Manos Kardasis, Ricardo Hueso, John Rogers, Clyde Foster

This workshop is supported by Europlanet 2020 RI Work Package NA1 - Innovation through Science Networking, Task 5. The EU-project Europlanet 2020 RI has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 654208.

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