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The EPSC2018 Amateur Astronomy program occured in the middle of the congress, on Tuesday, Sept. 18th, 2018, in Berlin, Germany. This was the second year that amateur presenters (and first year that amateurs simply participating) were funded through Europlanet 2020 NA1. This proved successful as the result was the highest number of presentations/posters showcased in the amateur sessions since the existence of the Amateur program.

Session was 'Pro-am collaborations in planetary science', convened by M. Delcroix, H. Haukka, R. Hueso, P. Yanamandra-Fisher and A.,  J. Rogers, and L.N. Fletcher.

Presentations and posters

Each talk can be downloaded by clicking on its number below, and its 2-page summary can be downloaded by clicking on 'abstract'.

 Session AM1:
Professional-Amateur collaborations in small bodies, terrestrial, giant, exo planets studies and Juno Ground-Based Support

Glenn Orton presenting

Gerald Eichstaedt presenting

David Arditti presenting


Juno pro-am collaborations

EPSC2018-205 (abstract)
Characterization of Jupiter's Atmosphere by Juno and a Network of Earth-Based Observations

Glenn Orton, Thomas Momary, Fachreddin Tabataba-Vakili, Candice Hansen, Scott Bolton, Gerald Eichstaedt, and John Rogers

EPSC2018-586 (abstract)
On the Value of JunoCam's Marble Movie Images

Gerald Eichstaedt and Candice Hansen-Koharcheck

EPSC2018-562 (abstract)
The new South Tropical Disturbance and its interaction with the Great Red Spot
John Rogers, Gerald Eichstädt, Michel Jacquesson, Candice Hansen, Glenn Orton, Tom Momary, Fachreddin Tabataba-Vakili, Michael Caplinger, Michael Ravine, Gianluigi Adamoli, Marco Vedovato, Hans-Joerg Mettig, Robert Bullen, Christopher Go, and Andy Casely

EPSC2018-233  (abstract)
First light of the affordable adaptive optic system “CIAO” at Pic du Midi Observatory
Jean-Luc Dauvergne, Guillaume Dovillaire, François Colas, Marc Delcroix, Jean Lecacheux, Christophe Rondeau, and Rémy Juval

Solar system collaborations

EPSC2018-607 (abstract)
Amateur studies of Venus in the near IR and UV
David Arditti

EPSC2018-523 (abstract)
Recent high-cadence photometry and outburst characteristics of Comet 29P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 1
Richard Miles and the Comet 29P Observing Campaign
animation1, animation2

EPSC2018-1258 (abstract)
Amateurs’ contributions to Saturn study during and after the Cassini era
Marc Delcroix, Georg Fischer, Agustin Sánchez-Lavega, and Ricardo Hueso

EPSC2018-1193 (abstract)
Repeat Illumination Observations of the Moon
Anthony Cook

Exo-planets collaborations

EPSC2018-66 (abstract)
Use of CMOS cameras in exoplanet transit photometry
Gabriel Murawski


 Planet collaborations
EPSC2018-46 (abstract)
Science from PVOL2 (The Planetary Virtual Observatory and Laboratory): A database of amateur observations of Solar system planets integrated in VESPA
Ricardo Hueso, Jon Juaristi, Jon Legarreta, Agustín Sánchez-Lavega, Stephane Erard, Baptiste Cecconi, and Pierre Le Sidaner

EPSC2018-117 (abstract)
Changes on Mars 2003 - 2018
Bernd Gährken

EPSC2018-270 (abstract)
Jupiter's banded pattern changes in the 0.89μm band
Emmanouil Kardasis and Alexia Takoudi

Small bodies collaborations

EPSC2018-491 (abstract)
Photometric observations of asteroids – in support of the Gaia Mission
Tomasz Kluwak

EPSC2018-632 (abstract)
The COBS comet database: Structure and content
Jure Zakrajšek, Herman Mikuž, and Johan Warell

EPSC2018-644 (abstract)
The COBS comet database: Observer tools and case study
Johan Warell, Jure Zakrajsek, and Herman Mikuz

Exo-planets collaborations

EPSC2018-128 (abstract)
Exoplanet Observations in Taurus Hill Observatory - History and Current Activities
Harri Haukka, Veli-Pekka Hentunen, Markku Nissinen, Tuomo Salmi, Hannu Aartolahti, Jari Juutilainen, Esa Heikkinen, and Harri Vilokki

EPSC2018-476 (abstract)
Follow-up observations of transiting exoplanets: data collection and analysis
Anastasia Kokori and Angelos Tsiaras

Richard Miles presenting

Tony Cook presenting


On of the most important aspect of the congress, is the possibility for amateurs to meet their peers, professional astronomers, wether at the congress or in outside, to exchange and build new projects and ideas in pro-am collaborations.

Resting from conference
John Rogers, Matt Brealey, Glenn Orton, Gerald Eichstaedt

Poster exhibition
Agapios Elia, Marc Delcroix

All pictures from Marc Delcroix, John Rogers, Agapios Elia

This workshop is supported by Europlanet 2020 RI Work Package NA1 - Innovation through Science Networking, Task 5. The EU-project Europlanet 2020 RI has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 654208.

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