Ph.D. from University J. Fourier, Grenoble, FRANCE.

I am specialized in high energy astrophysics, as well as in general relativity applied to astrophysics.

I study the processes of particle acceleration and the resulting high-energy emissions, within astrophysical plasmas.




Relativité Générale & Astrophysique, D. Gialis & F-X Désert, 2015, EDP Sciences, Collection Grenoble Sciences, 364 pages.


Publications for general public

Voyage à travers l'Univers, D. Gialis, numéro spécial Espace & Astrophysique, décembre 2016.



Crédit image : NASA.


Research fields : Gamma-Ray Bursts - Particle acceleration - High energy emission - Cosmic Rays.

Other interests : Plasma physics - Shock physics - General Relativity - Black Holes - AGNs - Cosmology.



This artist's concept shows the "naked-eye" GRB close up. Observations indicate material shot outward in a two-component jet (white and green beams). (credit: NASA/Swift/Mary Pat Hrybyk-Keith and John Jones)


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