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When you have made an observation, please send without delay a report to Gilles Regheere or Éric Frappa or Planoccult.. A copy of “ Report form ” is here. It’s necessary to send a report even if there was no occultation for your place (negative observation). These negative observations could sometimes be of great interest as well as positive ones. Of course, it is unnecessary to prepare a report if the weather conditions had prevented the monitoring of the phenomena.

Take the time to read introduction and video observations, because the monitoring of asteroidal occultations is not a simple pastime. We advise you especially the chapters devoted to timekeeping and time recording. Of course, for more Information you can always write me .

To see the reduction of the positive observations, you can consult the site Euraster of Éric Frappa, the European asteroidal occultation results page or the Data reductions page.

We wish you a lot of success with the observations, but do not forget that success rarely happens without effort and very often happens unexpectedly, attention, courage, obstinacy and team-work spirit are the keys of success. 

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