Book Resources for CCD Imaging

Berry and Burnell "The Handbook of Astronomical Image Processing" Wilmann-Bell Inc., 2000

This is an indispensable source of information for both novice and advanced CCD imager. The book explains all the details of imaging and image processing. Included is the CD-ROM containing advanced image processing software (AIP4WIN) as well as hundreds of sample images for use in tutorials. Software upgrades available through Willmann-Bell website.



Berry, Kanto and Munger" The CCD Camera Cookbook" Wilmann-Bell Inc., 1994

A detailed introduction into operation of CCD cameras as well as a do-it-yourself guide to building a powerfull imaging instrument. Contains a floppy with testing software (for use during camera assembly) as well as a Cookbook camera image acquisition software. New software version is available for download from Willmann-Bell website.



Howell "Handbook of CCD Astronomy" Cambridge University Press, 2000

Describes operation and use of CCD cameras in great detail. This is a really useful reference, though it is very technical in places.



Martinez and Klotz "A Practical Guide to CCD Astronomy" Cambridge University Press, 1998

This book discusses operation of CCD cameras and factors affecting their performance. Image processing and application of CCD cameras in different areas of astronomy are also described in detail. It is a bit technical, but again an important source of information for advanced CCD imaging.



Covington "Astrophotography for the Amateur" Cambridge University Press, 1993

This is a great introduction to film astrophotography. Some of the described techniques are relevant for CCD imaging as well.



Ratledge (ed.) "The Art and Science of CCD Astronomy" Springer-Verlag, 1996

This book consists of the description of different CCD observing projects and, while a bit chaotic, presents a lot of very helpful ideas.


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