Comet Linear 2001 A2 Video

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This animation is composed of seven images (240 sec. exposure each) taken with Cookbook 245 CCD camera (used in full resolution, 15-bit mode) through 153mm f4 telephoto lens and IR-blocking filter. At that time the comet was in NW Pegasus receeding from the Earth and was still easily noticable in 10x50 binoculars. Its tail, while pointed away, was visible visually in my 6 inch f4 Dobsonian.

Individual images were taken from Harrowsmith, Ontario on July 25, 2001 (UT) at 03:16:58, 03:28:16, 03:33:16, 03:38:16, 03:43:16, 03:48:16 and 03:53:17 (start of exposure UT h:m:s). Each frame was calibrated, resampled to square pixels, histogram-scaled and cropped to 400x400 pixels.

CBWinCam software was used for image acquisition and AIP4WIN for image processing. Corel PhotoPaint 8 was used to assemble movie file.

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Jan Wisniewski