M30 = NGC7099 ( 21h 40.4m -2311, 7.5 mag. )

This globular cluster in Capricornus was discovered by Messier on Aug. 3, 1764. It is located 26,700 ly away. Two spikes of bright giants protrude from its concentrated core. M30 forms almost equilateral triangle with e Capricorni and z Capricorni (see fider chart below).

The above image was taken on July 12, 2002 from Harrowsmith, Onatario with Cookbook 245 LDC CCD camera on Celestron Ultima 8 f6.3 telescope. Twenty two unguided white exposures (30 sec. each) were combined with cyan, magenta and yellow-filtered integrations (7 x 30 sec., 7 x 30 sec. and 8 x 30 sec., respectively) using AIP4WIN and Corel Photo Paint 8.

North is to the right.

Map created in Guide 7.0 - 745' x 745'. North is up.

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