M53 = NGC5024 ( 13h 12.9m +1810, 7.7 mag. )

This impresive globular cluster in Coma Berenices was discovered by Bode in 1775. Messier observed it on Feb. 26, 1777. Located about 56,000 ly away it forms a contrasting pair with a very loose globular cluster NGC5053 just 1 SE. M53 is visible in binoculars 1 NE of a Comae (see finder chart below).

The above image was taken on May 13 & 14, 1999 from Sooke, BC. Cookbook 245 LDC CCD camera was used on Celestron Ultima 8 f6.3 telescope autoguided with Cookbook 211 LDC CCD camera on a piggybacked 500mm f8 telephoto lens. It is composed of white integrations (19 x 120 sec.) as well as cyan, magenta and yellow-filtered exposures (5 x 120 sec. each) combined with AIP4WIN. Color image was then further adjusted in Lab color space using Corel PhotoPaint 8.

North is to the right.

Map created in Guide 7.0 - 745' x 745'. North is up.

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