Lost Galaxy (NGC4526) in Virgo

(RA 12h 34.0m , Dec. +07 42', 9.7 mag., 7.1 x 2.9 arcmin.)

This edge-on spiral galaxy is, contrary to its name, easy to find right in the middle of a quite close pair of magnitude 7 stars about 310' SW of r Virginis (see Virgo Cluster Map and the detailed chart below).

The above image was taken on April 28, 2001 from Harrowsmith, Ontario. Cookbook 245 LDC camera was used on Celestron Ultima 8 SCT with f6.3 focal reducer. Telescope was autoguided with Cookbook 211 LDC camera on a piggybacked 500mm f8 telephoto lens. Four white integrations (240 sec. each) were processed with AIP4WIN.

North is to the right.

Map created in Guide 7.0 - 2 x 3. North is up.

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