Barnard's Galaxy (NGC6822) in Sagittarius

This large and diffuse irregular member of Local Group is heavily obscured by Milky Way. A few fuzzy patches toward upper left corner correspond to large Wolf-Rayet nebulae located in NGC6822. With large scopes it can be spotted 625' NE of r1 Sagittari (see finder chart below). Little Gem plantary nebula (NGC6818) is located only 37' NNW.

The above image was taken on August 23, 2001 from Harrowsmith, Ontario. Cookbook 245 LDC camera was used on Celestron Ultima 8 f3.0 telescope autoguided with Cookbook 211 LDC camera on a piggybacked 500mm f8 telephoto lens. Eleven white integrations (240 sec. each) were combined using AIP4WIN.

North is to the left.

Map created in Guide 7.0 - 745' x 745'. North is up.

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